Monday, 17 February 2014

Face and Body Soap Foaming Net

Some handmade soaps might not produce rich  bubbles. These foaming nets can help lather bubbles .
With the help of the nets, face soap or body soap can lather rich bubbles. 

                                                                                Face and body Soap Foaming Net

How to use:  Put the handmade soap inside the net, add some warm water, rub it gently. It then lather rich bubbles. Here are some instructions for using showing on youtube:

Do not rub the net on face. Some people might like to rub it straight on skin as a scrub, but for those who has dry and sensitive skin, it is not recommended.
Clean the net and dry out after use.

There are two types: the one with colorful wrap cannot use to hang soap, the other one can use to hang soap.

Price : RM2 /each 

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