Monday, 17 February 2014

Himalayan Rock Salt Scrub Soap

Himalayan Pink Salt has a rich mineral content that includes 84 minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, potassium ,copper and iron. This salt is recognized for its high mineral content and its therapeutic properties. And it has a beautiful pink color.
The consumption of Himalayan Pink Salt provides essential minerals and trace elements, balances electrolytes, eliminates toxins, balances the body pH, increases circulation and conductivity. It can also assist with relief from arthritis, skin rashes, psoriasis, herpes and flu and fever symptoms.

                                                                                           Himalayan Rock Salt

In this soap Australian Pink Clay is added. For centuries, human beings took advantage of the natural clay. Australian Pink Clay has the ability to repair damaged tissues, at the same time eliminating accumulated toxins from the body.

                                                                                          Himalayan Rock Salt Srub Soap

Ingredients: Coconut oil, castor oil, lye water, Himalayan rock salt, Australian pink clay, tea tree essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil.

Suitable for all skin type. For dry and sensitive skin, it is recommended not to scrub the skin with salt soap, lather soap with warm water then apply the lather to skin. 
Use as face and body deep cleaning soap.  (not for daily use, use once or twice per week or as needed)

Price : RM 10 / 100g

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